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Why Custom Printed Lanyards?

When it comes to brand exposure, I am under the strong belief that lanyards really are the best around. The promotional industry is growing and changing every year but lanyards seem to be one component that stays constant!

In my opinion one of the key advantages of lanyards over other promotional merchandise is the commute to work! On your average commute to work, you pass 100’s maybe 1000’s of people every day. If you or your employees are wearing a bright and striking branded lanyard that happens to catch the eye of a passer by – that could be a new lead/ sale for you! If you think of the footfall – we are talking about up to 5000 people per week for the cost of under £1. Imagine trying to hit those costs using Google Ad’s or even SEO – impossible.

Another advantage is the sheer practicality of a lanyard. Whilst the material is usually just a simple nylon or polyester, the clip on the end is actually of great use:

1) It can be used to hold an ID card – this is the best way to make people easily identifiable in your company by having their name and your brand constantly on display. You can check out our selection of personalised badge holders here.

2) The Metal Swivel Trigger Clip and Oval Carabiner are great for holding sets of keys. In our office, we have a key to the store room that would be so easily lost if it wasn’t for the striking lanyard we keep it attached to so we can always find it easily! This can really help when we need to rush through the stock room – Trust Me!

3) They can hold Fobs and other security tags. I know from experience that entrance fobs can be very expensive for such a small piece of kit. Of course this means it can be easily lost and when this happens… hello unnecessary and easily avoidable bill! The use of a lanyard to hold the fob can eliminate this issue.

Finally, I am just a massive fan of the sheer simplicity of a promotional lanyard. All you need is your pantone or CMYK code for the base colour, a vectored copy of your logo and an idea of the quantity and bish, bash, bosh you can have a lanyard made up and delivered in as quick as 3 days.