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Black Lanyards

Black Lanyards

Not everyone has a need for customised lanyards with fancy graphics or text but have more of a need for plain black lanyards. Maybe just with a simple ID badge as an attachment.

Whether or not these plain black lanyards are for an event or as part of staff uniform, these plain black lanyards are an excellent addition for any situation as we know black goes with pretty much anything fashionable.

Our happy team here at Lanyard People have a wide range of widths in stock for black lanyards and event a whole array of attachments not limited to ID badges, USB sticks, key rings and much more.

Our Black Lanyards

Although our black lanyards are mostly plain with no design, we are able to produce custom lanyards for whatever their purpose may be. You can choose from a variety of lanyard materials such as polyester, bamboo or nylon and you can either take them as plain lanyards or put your logo on the lanyard through dye sublimation or screen printing. By adding accessories you are customizing them even further making them more noticeable to the eye.

Plain Black Lanyards

We understand however that some occasions, require a more subtle approach where plain black lanyards are the better choice. Plain black lanyards have the benefit of being a very subtle accessory to your uniform and never going out of fashion. They are simple and therefore reusable at every event or occasion. Either way we can help you out regardless.

Why Lanyard People

Take a look at our wide range of plain lanyards, lanyards in black and what we can offer you. We also accept any kind of custom bespoke lanyard orders which includes a variety of accessories such as ID badges, keychains and much more. If you have any questions, why not give our friendly lanyard team a call.