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War Child

War Child

War Child is a children's charity dedicated to providing life-changing support to the most vulnerable children whose families and schools have been disrupted by war. Part of their charitable services include creating a safe place where children can be protected from battlefields or dangers from the streets.

With money War Child gets from charitable donations, they provide an education to those who have been affected by war.War Child Lanyard People were delighted to work alongside such an amazing charity for children by donating over two hundred lanyards for War Child latest fundraising event which will allow War Child to increase their branding awareness. A simple yet effective design will allow more people to recognise War Child’s efforts and allow others to take home the experience with their lanyards.

The fundraising event is a music festival with the likes of Mumford & Sons and will be sure to not only be a fantastic event full of fun and laughter but also help raise awareness and money to help protect those vulnerable children in desperate need.

Managing Director of Lanyard People, Ettore Moraschinelli said: "After hearing about War Child and their great commitment to improving the lives of the most vulnerable, we have decided to help in every way that we could."