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Promote With Lanyards

Promote With Lanyards

A lanyard is a piece of cord or other type of fabric, usually worn around the neck, which can be used to attach a wide variety of accessories including but not limited to ID badges, small items like a USB stick, a pen, a camera, or keys. You have probably seen a lot of people at events using lanyards to promote their business or around offices wearing lanyards with their passes attached. You have probably also noticed that often, the lanyards bear some corporate branding. So, what is it that makes the lanyard such a good and popular promotional item?

First of all, lanyards are extremely easy to customise. You can come up with a truly unique lanyard design for your business or the event you are hosting, and pick out whatever colour scheme, fabric, print style and fastener you want, to make a look that is eye catching and which your staff or visitors will love to wear. You can really promote with lanyards what your brand stands for with the design on your lanyard, whether you want something fashionable and fun, luxurious and beautiful or professional and sharp.

Secondly, our lanyards are cheap to produce although made with high quality material so if you buy in bulk, you will most certainly gain the best deal. If you have your lanyards made up so that they can be used for all sorts of different events your people may attend then you can keep on using the same batch for a long time, because they are not a seasonal product, so there is no harm in placing a big order to drive down cost.

Thirdly, lanyards are pretty versatile. You can introduce them as part of your company dress code, or you can give them out to people who visit your stand at a trade show. You can use them as ID card holders around your office, or you can give them as corporate gifts with USB memory sticks attached preloaded with content about your business. Because the lanyard itself is useful, people never mind receiving it as a gift, and if you pick out a good design, nobody will mind wearing them either.

The final, and perhaps most key reason as to why the lanyard is such a great marketing piece, is that it is very subtle, but reinforces brand awareness by being visible constantly. Because it is discreet and unobtrusive, nobody objects to this style of promotion, but it can be incredibly effective at imprinting your branding on people’s memories.

All in all, having some bespoke lanyards made up to give out to your staff, visitors and clients is a great idea, and providing you put some effort into coming up with an appealing and creative design that people will notice, it can have a surprising impact.