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Using Bespoke Lanyards For Events

Using Bespoke Lanyards For Events

Using bespoke lanyards for events mean you get the ability to stand out from everyone else at any promotional or networking event.

If you are looking for a promotional item to have made up for your business or event, one that ticks all of the boxes is the lanyard.

With the Lanyard People, you can have lanyards made out of all different types of high quality materials. For the most part, corporate lanyards tend to be made of something more durable, but this leaves you with plenty of interesting fabrics to work with, so you can choose one that goes with what you are doing (for instance, wetsuit style neoprene for a water sports event, or leather for a motorcycle event) or one that just looks interesting and cool so people will enjoy wearing it – some options you can consider include denim, rubber, PVC, stretchy elastic fabric, or even things like satin. If you are looking at lanyards to be worn either at night, for example by members of the press at a music festival, or on a building site, you could have your lanyards made of reflective material for extra safety.

Once you have decided what you would like your bespoke lanyards to be made of, you also have plenty of choice when it comes to printing or stitching your branding on to them. Obviously you will want something in keeping with the logo and brand of your business or event, but you can consider different ways of making the text on your lanyards or ID badge holders really stand out, such as raised three dimensional printing, foam printing, glitter, glow-in-the-dark print or silicon.

Bespoke Lanyards Case Study

If you are clever, you can actually find ways to print up the lanyards in a way that makes them even more useful. One hat company, for instance, has their staff lanyards printed up so that one side is branded, and the other side is printed like a measuring tape and can be used to measure hat sizes. By being creative as well as practical it is easy to come up with a really nice bespoke lanyard design that can make the perfect promotional product for your company or event.