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Uniform Lanyards

Uniform Lanyards

Lanyard People produce bespoke lanyards for businesses and events. A lanyard, in case you didn’t know, is one of those cords, often with logos on it, that people wear around their necks to hold something, usually an ID badge but also often things like pens, phones, cameras and other small but important items that are often needed to hand.

Lanyards can be plain, thin and unobtrusive or they can be big, bright, bold and striking. As a bespoke corporate item, they are incredibly easy to customise, not just by adding your logo and other branding elements like colour scheme, but by choosing a really nice combination of fabric and printing style that really suits your corporate image, whether it is trendy and fun or smart and sleek. Lanyard People can work with you to turn your ideas of your company look into some really neat custom lanyards, and have, in the past, made some unique designs using materials like leather, PVC, denim, silicon, neoprene, elastic and reflective fabric as a base, to name just a few.

Once you have decided on a design, why not make it part of your company’s uniform? This works whether you have an actual uniform or not – yes, a lanyard can enhance the impact of a uniform, especially if it is in a colour that coordinates with but doesn’t blend into the shirts or polo shirts your staff wear – but even if your staff work in an office and wear their own clothes, or there is no dress code whatsoever, you can ask that they wear the lanyard with their ID badge or security pass on.

This can work really well in giving a subtle sense of branding to each of your staff, even if they are allowed to work wearing whatever they want, they will still all have a common piece of the company’s image on show. You can also ask that any visitors to your site wear a temporary badge which will be handed to them on the lanyard.

Why is this important? Well, as well as giving a sense of corporate uniformity which looks very professional to outsiders, it is another chance to reinforce brand impact when your staff are out visiting clients or representing your business at trade shows and suchlike. Lanyards can be a subtle but effective way of reinforcing the brand, as they will be seen by a lot of people. Also, because they are useful, and because security policies are so important these days, your staff will be happy to wear them, especially if you have picked a really nice design, so unlike introducing other uniform elements which can prove unpopular, your staff should really like their new lanyards.