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Stand Out At Trade Shows

Stand Out At Trade Shows

If your business has representation at trade shows, you have probably noticed that everybody at these events has a lanyard around their neck with their ID badge. Most people tend to wear the ones supplied by the event, which will either be plain or just have the event’s own trade show lanyards branding on. A simple, subtle way to make your name stand out in the sea of competitors at these trade events is to issue them all with branded, Lanyards to use as ID badge holders.

Because lanyards are ubiquitous at these events, using custom lanyards marks your promotional staff out as different from the rest, and it is a great way to subtly imprint a little extra brand recognition onto all of the people who will see them at the show. Custom lanyards are incredibly cheap, and available in so many different styles that you can design something really eye-catching, that your staff will be happy to wear.

Lanyards can be made from almost any fabric you can think of, with all sorts of printing styles including foam print, raised three dimensional print, glittery lettering, and even glow in the dark. By coming up with a combination of fabric, colour and print that really suits your brand image you can make some very interesting and cool lanyards that may even get people at the event talking. You could even match the material to the type of event you are attending, for example leather for a motorsport event, neoprene for a surfing event and so on.

Buying Trade Show Lanyards

The best way to buy trade show lanyards is in bulk, because when you buy any customised marketing items like these you benefit from the economies of scale if you order a large quantity. This means you will probably want to order a batch of lanyards with a design that renders them suitable to use for future events and other opportunities as well, so you can make use of a larger order. If it is a particularly special event, however, consider a special order of a design that not only has your branding, but also the name and date of the event, to show your company is going all out to impress on this occasion.

The more people who are seen wearing your custom lanyards the better, so if you are confident that they look good and have ordered plenty, why keep them just for your own staff? You could give them out to people who visit your stand at the trade show to replace their boring event issued ones, and see how many people you can get walking around the site bearing your logo.

Trade Show Lanyards really are the perfect marketing item for this kind of event, where people are being bombarded with advertising messages all over the venue. Something subtle like the lanyard, which they will see over and over again, can very gently build brand awareness even in a sea of promotiom.