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Thatchers Lanyards

Thatchers Lanyards

There is nothing better than seeing promotional lanyards that you’ve actually produced in person. You get that warm feeling inside that you only otherwise get at Christmas or when you’ve knocked a warmed shot of spiced rum down your throat! Well, when it comes to lanyards, Thatcher’s Cider Lanyards really are the gift that keeps on giving!

Here at Lanyard People, we have produced over two hundred thousand lanyards for our friends at Thatcher’s Cider. These are then distributed across multiple pubs across the UK and in particular, to my favourite watering hole – Weatherspoons! Now, picture this, it’s a Thursday night and its been a long week (everyone knows the weekend starts on Thursday right?! ) And you and the team are off to Spoons for a cheap and cheerful pint after work. Your main man Jack is at the bar getting the first round in and, low and behold, what is the bartender sporting round their neck? Yep – you’ve guessed it- the brilliant Thatcher’s Gold Lanyard – a timeless classic.

Now, what make’s these lanyards so special. Apart from the fact that they are in pretty much every pub that sells Thatcher’s Cider, these lanyards have been carefully tweaked over the years to make them ideal for pub usage.

1) They are extra long – the added length of the lanyard means the bottom part rests between the stomach and the breast bone rather than on it. Why is that useful...? That brings me onto my next point...

2) The Lanyard has been equipped with Premium Bottle Opener Attachment. This means that whilst not only showing the Thatcher’s Branding for everyone to see, the lanyard is actually a useful tool for the workplace environment – allowing bartenders to open bottle caps wherever they are; behind the till, at the table, in the stock room. They are literally a walking bottle opener. As mentioned above, the clip rests closer to the stomach to allow easy opening of bottles of many shapes and sizes!

3) The large branding area is obviously a massive plus! Ever walked up to the bar and not too sure what to get – the bartender says ‘What would you like?’ and you make a panic purchase to avoid any chance of an elongated awkward silence… Yes- I know you have! Well, in this case, you will panic buy Thatcher’s Cider. Using the large 25mm branding area and edge to edge printing, the brand is instantly thrust into the buyer’s mind and they are more likely to make a purchase!

All in all, the Thatcher’s Lanyard’s have got to be up there with some of the most practical lanyards about. They look good, deliver brand exposure and offer a practical aspect all in one nifty piece polyester and a bit of metal! Get yours printed lanyards today courtesy of the Lanyard People!