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Sports Lanyards

Sports Lanyards

The use of lanyards in sporting events is very popular. Many participants are often seen wearing lanyards with badges with their number and other details on.Getting your sports team logo or moto and other branding elements onto official lanyards to be worn at sporting events can be a big win indeed from a marketing perspective. Not only will the wearer develop better recognition of your brand through having the lanyard on all day, but those lanyards will be seen by many.

Lanyards are really good as a promotional marketing item, because they are easy to customise in whatever fabric and with whatever style of print you like, it is easy to produce branded lanyards in large quantities.

Some types of sporting events, such as motorsports, by their very format allow visitors to wander around the venue, where you could easily have promotions staff in place to hand out lanyards, perhaps as part of a gift pack with other promotional merchandise such as brochures and branded pens and things.

Other events, especially the big ones like the Olympics, can be harder to get your brand seen at without investing a sizeable amount in corporate sponsorship. If this isn’t within your budget, and you don’t have any existing relationships with sports teams or organisers, you can still consider lanyards as a device for sporting events.

Giving out branded lanyards to members of the press is another way to get them seen at sports events – you never see a photographer working at a sports event of any size without his press pass hanging from a lanyard around his neck, so why not make sure that lanyard is one of yours?

The lanyard is a subtle but excellent promotional marketing aid, and because lanyards are so ubiquitous at major and local sports events, these are a perfect opportunity to up your brand impact.