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Printed Lanyards

Printed Lanyards

Printed lanyards are an effective way to promote a brand or message at any event. Printed lanyards have always been the most popular choice for occasions, business meetings, staff uniforms and conferences, especially when you are in a hurry.

With a wide range of lanyard options available from the standard flat polyester lanyards, the reflective lanyards, right the way to woven lanyards for the extra special touch, printed lanyards have always been the best option to go for.

You may have noticed that lanyards look ‘twisted’ when worn around the neck however, this is all part of the design on the lanyards. The idea of a twisted lanyard is to help prevent the attachments such as ID badge holders from spinning or getting in the way making them easier to wear throughout the day.

Printed lanyards also come with the option to be printed on both sides with two completely different designs with as many colours as you see fit. Generally, the brighter colours you have, the more chances it will be seen by others. A great option is to order extra printed lanyards so you can give them out to others, particularly at trade shows or any other form of conferences.

Here at Lanyard People, we take pride in all our lanyards which is why we only product the finest quality lanyards. We use a UK factory to ensure the upmost quality material has been used and to increase our production times to help suit your time scales. For more information, why not contact one of our lanyard specialists who can help you create the ideal customised lanyard.