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Organising Events

Organising Events

Organising Events

Organising corporate events can be a bit of a nightmare even at the best of times. The stress of ensuing everything on the evening goes according to plan can be quite worrisome even for the best of people which is why here at Lanyard People we make it our priority with our dedicated account managers to provide the best printed lanyards.

The process is really quite simple, let us know what your company branding is or the message you wish to display on our printed lanyards and we will have our internal design team to handle the process. We even are able to provide plain lanyards which we keep in stock which can be delivered the next day with badge holders.

Benefits of lanyards at networking events.

There are many benefits of printed lanyards at networking events. First of all they give your employees or members of your society or club an identity. They show who that person is and to which company he/she belongs to. Socialising becomes that much easier with lanyards as it is clear from the beginning who you are dealing with. It also makes for a great conversation starter. Secondly, is that lanyards can display your company logo which gives your brand full exposure which will in turn benefit your business as your brand becomes more and more recognisable. If you and your company are hosting multiple events with different themes and printed lanyards would only be useable once, sometimes it might seem better to go with plain lanyards as these are reusable and fit for every occasion.

Benefits of lanyard badge holders

Not only is the printed lanyard the optimal accessory for networking events, but badge holders can also not be amiss! They are very useful to display ID badges, which can state the employee’s occupation, rank, name etc. and make it easier for guest and attendees to identify individuals. ID badges are also reusable as you can simply take out your ID card and reuse it for a different event with a different ID card.

Bespoke Lanyard Package

Now you have two options to display your company name and yourself, but why chose only one? With a customised lanyard package we can help you out by delivering printed lanyards with badge holders, which go for the ultimate brand exposure. In the case of a time limit, don’t worry as our express lanyards and badges can be with you in just a few days!

Take a look at our wide range of plain lanyards and what we can offer you. We also accept any kind of custom bespoke lanyard orders which includes a variety of accessories such as ID badges, key chains and much more. If you have any questions, why not give our friendly lanyard team a call.