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Lanyards For Festivals

Lanyards For Festivals

With the summer coming up there are many festivals around the corner. Whether it is the upcoming AC/DC concert or the famous Download Festival, Leeds Festival or Reading Festival lanyards cannot be amiss. They are practically made for festivals as they not only hold ID and badge passes backstage and on festival grounds but also can be used as awesome promotional merchandise throughout the festival duration.


Every year there are thousands of people attending various festivals across Europe and all over the world. As everyone is constantly on their feet and exposed to many people on the festival grounds, the best item to promote your business would be the festival lanyard. Many festivals require the attendees to show their tickets and their ID’s, which is why they provide lanyards on entry. This makes the perfect opportunity to promote your business subtly. The more festival lanyards you supply, the more people will wear them and your business will get an enormous exposure, which will ultimately lead to increase in sales. Not only that but if your lanyards is especially of good quality and with an awesome design they will be regarded as the ultimate festival accessory.

If you require lanyards, which will primarily be used backstage and for ID cards however, we can also help you out. Our ID badges and lanyards make a perfect set and hold the ID perfectly, protecting it from possible damage.


Lanyards are usually not something people who receive them throw away lightly, especially if it’s a memorabilia to the festival they visited. There are people who even display the festival lanyards as a reminder of the festival they went to or continue to use them as key chains or just as an accessory. Investing in good quality lanyards and for the purpose of a festival ordering bulk lanyards is the best way to ensure that your company’s brand exposure will grow even after the festival has ended.

If you are interested, take a look at our wide range of lanyards and what we can offer you. We also accept any kind of custom bespoke lanyard orders or bulk lanyards orders, which include a variety of accessories such as ID badges, key chains and much more. If you have any questions, why not give our friendly lanyard team a call.