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Lanyard Production

Lanyard Production

Lanyards have always been a remarkable way on promoting either yourself or your business no matter where you are. One of the best ways is to not only have your brand printed on the lanyards but to also use an ID badge holder for your business card.

Here at The Lanyard People, we know our lanyards are used on a daily basis which is why we use only soft materials which are also incredibly durable. You can also choose two different methods to colour your lanyards. Screen print and dye sublimation.

Dye Sublimation

The process of the dye sublimation is a simple one. It usually starts with films that contain dyes. The films are either a single four-layered film containing the base colour pigments of cyan, magenta, yellow and grey or four separate films. Within the process of printing our lanyards, the films are placed on the lanyard surface and heated up.

This results in the pigments leaving the film and entering the lanyard material. After this happened the material will cool down and the colours will solidify. Through this, the dye sublimation process will ensure that your lanyards remain smooth and are of the highest quality.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is the second method we use to print the logosonto your lanyards. The Screen Printing process is very simple, where a mesh-based stencil is used to apply your design onto the lanyards.

One colour is printed at a time, which means that several screen are used to produce your multi-coloured logo. Screen Printing ensures that the colour quality remains good and every colour shows up with the intensity you desired.

Choosing the right process may seem confusing at first, however we at Lanyard People can give you the best advise when it comes to which printing method to use, dye sublimation or screen printing. Take a look at our wide range of lanyards and what we can offer you.