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Bulk Orders

Bulk Orders

Here at the Lanyard People, we welcome all kinds of bulk lanyard orders no matter how big they are. We even offer an impressive discount for bulk orders. All you need to do is give us a call for a personalised bespoke quote.

Lanyards are a great way to subtly display your branding on both you staff, and any customers or visitors to events you are involved in. Because they are worn around the neck, your logo is highly visible, and as they are in most cases useful and in some cases necessary (such as when they are used as an ID badge holder) nobody minds wearing them.

With our factory, we are able to produce large amounts of bulk lanyard orders to tackle any requirements including custom bespoke attachments.

If you want to use bespoke lanyards as a marketing device, you should take the time to design a really eye-catching lanyard that is suitable both to your brand, and to the target wearers. You can have your lanyard made out of all different sorts of material, so have a think about what will work best. If you want your staff to wear them all day every day, you will want something durable that won’t look tatty after a few weeks, whereas if the lanyards are for a specific event such as a conference, sports tournament or music festival you will be more interested in making them stand out than ensuring they will last forever. You could opt for interesting fabrics like leather, denim, PVC or neoprene, or use reflective or glow-in-the-dark material or writing. You can also have your writing in foam print, glitter, or just about anything else that takes your fancy.

You may think that because you can so heavily customize the basic lanyard design that ordering them bespoke could become quite expensive, however actually, even the quirkiest lanyards can be sourced relatively cheaply if you buy them in bulk. Thanks to economies of scale, a bulk order of lanyards will generally end up with each individual piece being very low in cost.

Choosing lanyards as one of your corporate branded marketing aids is a really good idea, because it is a subtle way of placing your brand in all sorts of scenarios and as lanyards have a use, people are generally happy to receive and wear them.