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Lanyards at Networking Events

Lanyards at Networking Events

We all know how important networking events are for a business. They allow you to not only promote your business to any potential new client but to do so in person. Appearance is everything especially in the world of business so it is particularly important to make sure your first appearance is a strong one. A smart suit or dress with a warming smile is always a good start but this doesn’t communicate who you work with. Using promotional lanyards to help brand your company ambassadors is the perfect way and having spares to hand out to others as well as a business card leaves a strong, long-lasting impression on others.

There are many benefits to wearing bespoke lanyards at business networking events. You not only show who you are working for but also act as a brand ambassador for your company. By wearing your own bespoke lanyards you:

- Represent your company
- The values your company stands for
- The services it offers

It is also a great conversation starter, for those who have difficulties coming up with small talk! Acting as a complementary accessory, it can make your uniform or outfit stand out even more.

Promotional Lanyards for Employees & Networking Merchandise

If the event you are going to will involve promoting your business, (which in most cases it does) you will be on the safe side to bring some bespoke lanyards with you to give out as networking merchandise. This is not only an fantastic gift, but it also helps spread your brand awareness and the visibility of the company. The best choice is to equip your employees with some of those goodies! Promotional lanyards, which are used as give aways, can easily replace business cards and make your company more memorable than a simple piece of card. Bespoke lanyards, which have USB sticks or other bespoke lanyard attachments are even more attractive as they give a touch of exclusivity.

Take a look at our wide range of bespoke lanyards and see what amazing lanyards we can offer you! We also accept any kind of custom bespoke lanyard orders, which include a variety of accessories such as ID badges, key chains, watches and much more.

If you have any questions, why not give our friendly lanyard team a call.