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Bespoke Industry Lanyards

Bespoke Industry Lanyards

If you are looking for a great promotional product that can help boost your brand recognition, a great choice can be with bespoke lanyards. What makes the lanyard such a great choice as a promotional item is that it is worn and seen in so many different situations. Most commonly, you will see most staff in a modern office building wearing a corporate lanyard as an ID badge holder, and these will be given to visitors to the office as well. However there are plenty of other circumstances where lanyards are worn and therefore bespoke lanyards can make a great branded giveaway item.

At events of all sorts, from sports events to music festivals and business seminars, people wear lanyards to show who they are and who they are with. The image of a photographer at one of these types of events would also not be complete without a lanyard around their neck holding their “press pass”. Get your branding on these lanyards and it will be seen not only by the people who wear them, but by everybody else there too.

Another place where lanyards are ubiquitous is during freshers week at any university. Students wear them to display name badges to help them get to know each other. If you have a product that might be of interest to students, whether it is a book store or a bar, then finding a way to have your lanyards given out to freshmen might be a great way to get your brand into their heads.

Often at summer camps, the instructors and counsellors wear lanyards, sometimes with whistles as well as name badges, and these can often be colour coordinated to show which department they are in. This is another situation you can get your lanyards into if you are marketing a relevant product or brand. If you market something kids would like, why not give out some branded lanyards to your local summer camp? People are always grateful for something that is free and useful, and it is great advertising.

Producing bespoke lanyards for your staff or for events is a cheap and easy way to increase brand awareness. You can create them in different types of fabric (such as denim, leather, stretchy elastic, PVC or silicon) and with different styles of print (raised, glittery, glow-in-the-dark, to give some examples) to make them really stand out. With lanyards being worn for so many reasons at so many different sorts of events it should be easy to find a way to get your lanyards worn and seen.