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Benefits of Plain Lanyards

Benefits of Plain Lanyards

If you are looking for plain lanyards for your business at a promotional or netowkring event, lanyard People has a wide range of plain lanyards colours from green to blue. Our plain lanyards are made from a polyester material which is lightweight and can be worn throughout the day and night.Benefits of Plain Lanyards

Why Plain Lanyards

You might ask yourself why you would want plain lanyards. Well, there are many reasons where they might come in handy. Plain lanyards are as the name says - plain. However, we can pantone match them in any colour to complement your brand colours or uniform colours. They are also quicker to deliver to you as they require less time to produce which makes them a great option for short-term conferences, meetings, etc.

Benefits of Plain Lanyards

Plain coloured lanyards may seem to be less special than their branded counterpart however that doesn’t mean that they have less to show for. The following or just some benefits, which plain lanyards can have.

1. Although they might seem to be less colourful, they are reusable at various events. Do you e.g. host a big medical conference each year and need plain white lanyards for this? Then you are right to come to Lanyard People as we usually have plain white lanyards on stock throughout the year.

2. As an employee you might have provided your employees with already colourful uniforms, so plain black lanyards for example will just be the perfect subtle accessory to display name cards, hold keys or ID badges. Or if you would rather have a nice pop of colour you should try our yellow lanyards, which will give a nice touch to every uniform.

3. You and your employees are hosting/attending an event that addresses a certain topic like environmental issues, where an event appropriate lanyard is needed. In this situation green lanyards would be perfect to demonstrate your solidarity to the environment while blue lanyards, for example, would focus more on maritime events.

Customise Plain Lanyards

You are not limited to only order plain lanyards, but you can also customise them which will make them stand out a little bit more. Customising lanyards by adding key chains or ID badges makes it more personal!

Take a look at our wide range of plain lanyards and what we can offer you. We also accept any kind of custom bespoke lanyard orders which includes a variety of accessories such as ID badges, key chains and much more. If you have any questions, why not give our friendly lanyard team a call.