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Lanyard Buying Guide

If you are seeking a professional looking, yet useful gift to offer at a special event, you cannot surpass a lanyard as the perfect giveaway choice. Completely customisable, lanyards can reflect the colours, values and corporate image you want to promote to your clients and customers.

The style of lanyard you purchase is likely to be your purpose in purchasing them. If you intend for them to be distributed to delegates at a conference to hold ID or attendance passes you will be looking for a lanyard that is comfortable to wear, sports an attachment that is suitable to attach the ID and is of a quality that is commissariat with the lifestyle of the people attending the conference.

If you are attending a trade fare, you may want to use the lanyards to promote the activities of your business and the business values considered important in the company. The variety of lanyards and attachments available may seem overwhelming. The key to selecting the perfect lanyard is to know your audience and the intended purpose for the lanyards. Armed with this information you can discuss your requirements with your supplier. You can then choose the appropriate materials and attachments from the choices available.

You May Like to Consider:
  • How complicated is your customised company logo and name and do you want both printed on the lanyards? Do you want any other messages printed on the lanyards?
  • What colours do you want to use in the lanyards?
  • How quickly do you need the lanyards to be supplied to you?
  • What is your budget and what quantities of lanyards do you require?

Then ask yourself some more specific questions:

1. Is the Lanyard Intended to be Worn by Dignitaries' or Attendees at a Conference?

Choose a quality satin polyester or embossed double thickness embossed lanyard both of which are considered luxury lanyards and which are very comfortable to wear. The shine of the satin and the embossing on the embossed lanyard will highlight your name and logo and cause them to stand out from the crowd.

2. Is the Lanyard Intended to be a Giveaway at a Trade Fair?

If you are looking for a lanyard that is budget priced, yet still gives you a choice of attachments and colours, you may prefer the thin bootlace lanyards that are perfect for attaching a card, USB flash drive or keys. You can select the appropriate attachment with or without a swivel head allowing for rotation of the attachment.

Other similar lanyards in the budget range include ribbed and woven lanyards, both of which allow for prominent positioning of your company name and logo. You can select attachments that are either plastic or metal and choose between a ring or clip. If night visibility is important, consider adding a luminous strip to the ribbon and if safety issues need to be factored into the lanyard design, consider purchasing ribbons with safety release clips.

3. Is Your Company Concerned About Reducing its Urban Footprint?

If you are looking for eco friendly lanyards, you will find them made from materials such as bamboo and recyclable products. They are delightfully soft and print well on one or both sides. They are the ideal choice for those companies that are concerned about not leaving a carbon footprint.

4. Which of the Available Materials will Best Suit Your Purposes?

  • Polyester and nylon are the most common materials used in promotional lanyards. They are ideal for printing your logo and name by either screen-printing or dye sublimation techniques.

  • Cotton and denim provide an excellent alternative if you are seeking a softer and more flexible material that still enables excellent print quality for your branding.

  • Vinyl, elastic and neoprene are interesting alternatives if you are looking for a simple, modern opaque style of lanyard.

  • Reflective lanyards are excellent for safety-focused seminars and trade fairs, allowing the wearer to be clearly visible in dark or potentially dangerous situations.

In an age where many consider social media marketing to be the best way to market your brand and name to customers and other businesses, with care and planning a customised lanyard can be the perfect made to measure gift that will provide continuous and maximum exposure of your goods and services to your customers and clients for many years.

5. Which front clip attachment is right for you?

There are a multitude of front clip attachments and accessories to choose from. The first decision to ask yourself is whether you would like a plastic or metal attachment. While most customers choose a metal attachment as it adds a bit of weight to the end of the lanyard along with looking slightly nicer, there are those customers who choose a plastic clip for a variety of reasons. Often these customers are either working in manufacturing where large magnets or electricity is present.

  • Metal the most popular material for our front lanyard attachments
  • Plastic a good choice for those with uniform requirements or special jobs that require nothing metallic on a person.
  • Oval and Swivel Triggers two of our most popular front attachments both look and function superbly
  • Carabineers - although small, can hold many ID cards and accessories if necessary
  • Special bottle openers, retractable chords, mobile phone holders, bottle holders, whistles and so much more.
  • Short Release clips are sewn in above the front attachment which allows the user to easily remove the front of the lanyard without fully taking it off. This can be a very useful feature for people that have keys attached to the lanyard or scan cards.

6. Yes or No to a Safety Release Clip?

In this day and age it is always better to be safe than sorry, and as such we encourage our customers to add a safety release clip to each lanyard. They are located at the back of the neck and have the ability to come apart when the lanyard is yanked with a medium force. This safety breakaway clip can give you and all who where your lanyards piece of mind, especially if they are being worn around machinery or any moving parts.

All our safety clips are plastic and can come in black or white to suit your lanyard colour perfectly. As it turns out most of our customers end up getting their lanyards with a safety release clip as it is a very inexpensive option and its always good to be safe!

7. ID badge holders and other front attachment accessories Rigid or flexible, standard size or custom shape, best value or premium?

The sky is the limit when it comes to producing holders than function well displays your ID badge properly and within your brand or company guidelines.

Standard and good value holders
  • Flexible PVC holders are the most popular and are available in a variety of sizes and in landscape or portrait orientations.
  • Rigid plastic holders are another option that is popular especially when the ID card is the size of a credit or student ID card. They securely hold the cards while also making it easy to remove them to be scanned or examined.

Premium Bespoke made to fit any size badge in a variety of materials included leather and PU. Logos can be printed onto the front and back and can be made to match or compliment your custom lanyards perfectly.