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About Us

Lanyard People is a division of allbranded Ltd.

Lanyard People is the leading website for lanyards in the UK and Germany.

The lanyard options are limitless at Lanyard People for personalisation as we now offer a total of 12 unique lanyard options!  

By popular demand we still offer our standard 6 value options (and free samples of them), but now there are 3 Specialy Lanyard options and 3 Premium Lanyard options to choose from making Lanyard People the low price and selection leader of promotional lanyards in Europe!  

We pride ourselves on offering the most popular fabric choices at the most affordable prices that can be customized and purchased online in only a matter of a few minutes including options of adding ID badges or name badge holders. Or if you prefer a more unique lanyard, check out our bespoke lanyard page to request a quote and our Lanyard People will do the rest!

Here at Lanyard People we pride ourselves on offering not only the lowest prices and widest selection, but also the best customer service to our clients.  We promise to exceed your expectations and deliver your lanyard order on time and within budget.  We look forward to hearing from you!  :)